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Information and support for osteopaths, health professionals and women.  Establishing and developing standards, evidence informed frameworks, supporting patients through enhancing practitioner skill-sets

1) Sign up to our newsletter (at bottom of page) if you want general information, circulated periodically.  We encourage members of the public to sign up for our newsletter.  We are unable to give individual patient or health advice (please consult your practitioner).
2) Create a site membership and we can then allocate you to public information group, the health professional information, or the osteopathic group, to better tailor your information needs --  click here to create site membership

Whombs seeks to set standards of practice, improve education, upskill practitioners and dissemination research and knowledge transfer; to credential capabilities in various scopes and also to support and acknowledge practitioner development and additional post registration training. 

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whombs - womens health, obstetrics, mother and baby support by osteopaths | osteopathy

whombs - women's health, obstetrics, mother and baby support - by osteopaths, is a public information site for all those wishing to understand the osteopathic medicine approach to the care of women across the lifespan, during pregnancy and postnatal, and the osteopathic approach to infants and children supports a membership/clinical special interest group to grow the knowledge base, evidence framework/understanding of osteopathic care.

'whombs' is a protected trademark.

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