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Apply for a certification mark

Osteopaths who are registered in the UK, or in other countries can apply to use the certification mark.  This is a voluntary certification mark, and members of the public should ensure their practitioner is appropriately registered with the main statutory or voluntary registering authority in their country.

The certification mark is used to show that whombs has understood your qualification and educational / practice experience to be beyond that if the basic requirements for practice in your particular country. 

As a voluntary certification, we cannot enforce standards, but practitioners using the mark agree to abide by the standards whombs sets and to abide by our code of conduct.  

If this does not happen, then the permission to use the mark can be removed. 

But, we hope it gives the members of the public, and other health professionals some understanding of the likely advanced skill set of the practitioner they are interested in. 

To apply: osteopaths must first create a site account and then be allocated to the ''osteopathy group'.  This process is free, but might take a day or so as it is done manually.

When you then log on, you need to click the little down arrow next to the person icon / account icon at the top of the page, which gives a drop down menu, and now you can select, the 'Apply for certification' page.  This is not visible in the main menu, only after logging in, and by using the little drop down menu. 

There you will find instructions, the form to complete and the payment option for the non refundable application fee.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your application.

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