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Whombs has several types of recognition for osteopaths, which are all based on our definitions of enhanced / extended scope for osteopathic practice.
For details of extended and enhanced role descriptors, click here to visit that page.

whombs certificed womens health.png

Womens Health,

levels 1 and 2

whombs pelvic care specialist.png

Pelvic Care Specialist

whombs paeds certified.png

Paediatrics, levels 1 and 2


Mother and Baby, levels 1 and 2

There are various types of Certification:

Whombs hope that you find the Certification Marks useful.  Only those people listed on our site can hold the certification marks.

To maintain the use of the marks the Osteopaths must periodically update their skills, prpovide evidence of ongoing critical review and / or further training, and to demonstrate either currency with the standards of practice which have been developed within the Whombs organisation.  The whombs community of experienced practitioners regularly reviews its standards, evidence frameworks, protocols and procedures, to ensure best practice and osteopathic alignment. 

These certifications are not in lieu of the regulated / registered requirements in each osteopath's country of practice.  Whombs is not a statutory regulator, but a voluntary community of osteopathic practitioners and educators.  Patients should still refer to the overarching regulated standards of care and regulatory bodies directly.  Whombs takes these standards as a base upon which it builds additional guidance for the osteopathic care of women and children

The Certification Marks and what they mean.

Certification is based on the whombs organisation standards of practice and educational review, and is maintained by portfolio, clinical audit and clinical observations by peers (required for example in the pelvic care specialist certification).  This Certification is not implied to be instead of or in relation to the Register or Regulator of the Osteopathic Practice in the country where the practitioner resides.  This is a voluntary certification, based on expert practitioner opinion within the whombs community, who are all experienced and regulated osteopathic practitioners, or who hold primary osteopathic qualifications or who are recognised leaders in the global osteopathic community. 

Register of Certification Holders Coming Soon

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